Kendoll Janner

$KEN is the metaphysical embodiment of perfection, with perma-tanned plastic abs and a devastatingly fabulous molded hairstyle impervious to the laws of physics. In our chaotic world, Kendoll Janner is the constant we didn't know we needed – a godlike entity trapped in a plastic world, simultaneously ironic and iconic, always ready for his close-up. He is proof that no matter bear or bull - style is the ultimate asset. #KenCan

CA: 65K82McfXkVsHV42omN6YFU9c9a31g5cfszu4VQHoxMc

Kenmunity Driven

Ken isn't just a meme - it's a movement. And everyone knows the $KEN community always keeps it πŸ’― Jump in and enjoy the immaculate vibes.

Kentract Renounced

$KEN is decentralized, and the launch of $KEN was 100% fair. The Kentract was renounced, and liquidity burned upon launch.

1,400+ Kenners

1400+ Kens and growing, degens far and wide are quickly realizing this isn't your average memecoin.


With the same ironclad conviction he applies to his many careers β€” from master chef to arctic rescuer, to literal astronaut β€” $KEN is a shitcoin maximalist, all the way down to his perfectly chiseled core.

Unfazed by bearish winters, unwavering in his belief in moonshots. In a world of financial despair, his audacious degeneracy serves as a beacon of hope for every aspiring shitcoin millionaire. wenmoon? No, ser. #KEnMOON

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Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

Ken always keeps it πŸ’― so 100% of the token supply was added to the liquidity pool, and the LP was burned. A devastatingly fair launch, by one devastatingly dapper doll.